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The following resource has been developed through over 20 years of my observations (and those of my awesome staff) of flower availability in South Austrailia, it is intended to list as near as possible the flowers that we have used in the industry over that time. 

Feel free to use the information contained within, for school projects, Floristry certificate assignments or as a refernce when planning your wedding or event. The photos are either my own copyright work or freely available online. I give permission to students to reproduce the information and images below however this is limited to non-commercial use only. The complete resource is the intellectual property of Flowers Everywhere and must not be published to any other website. The correct way to reference this resource using the Harvard Referencing  Format is

    Flowers Everywhere. 2015. Lots of Flowery Facts. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed INSERT DATE HERE].     (hope that saved you some time)


About the flowers

Rather than using the common name or botanical name as the title I have used the Common Industry Name, or jargon term. This will be useful for students wishing to converse with suppliers and growers and save much ambiguity, time and embassament. Case in point;  I once witnessed a floral hobbiest ask a grower "how much are your Prairie Gentias"[sic]. He replied in bewilderment "my pair of dentures?"  I laughed out loud whilst he looked confused because we call them Lizzies or Lisianthus. I knew what she meant because i'm a plant nerd so i wiped the tears back and offered a translation. 

From the table below, some items are highly seasonal or simple not suitable for everyday floristry and appear in the list because they have a special purpose, notably in wedding work. They may be short lived or short stemmed or hard to obtain but have a feature such as colour or frangrance that is desirable.

With flowers coming from all over the world these days it is quite common to have year round availability or a second seasonal availability as the Northern hemisphere produces their natural crop. Technology is used to lengthen flowering periods or totally trick plants into blooming.

I have included various berries, fruits and pods in the "Greenery" section to differenciate them from the flower that is often also usable. The table below is not "finished" as such, as fashion, science and supply, continues to increase the number of items used in the Floral Industry. Come back periodically to see whats new.

If you have any feedback about omissions, suggestions or errors etc please use our contact page, keep in mind it is produced in the context and climate of Southern Australia

Enjoy your read.    Richard 

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