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In love with natives

In love with natives

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A delightful arrangement of freshly picked locally grown "native" flowers. This will change with the seasons from Proteas to Banksias and Leucospermums,

presented in a large amber jar or vase when stock is periodically unavailable (or vase if you go for the double size)

Free 40g box of Chocolatier Hand made Australian chocolates, yes the double size option is a double size box of chocolates.

Hint: go straight for the mudcake flavoured one;)

Same day delivery is possible to all suburbs when you order before 2pm on weekdays or but 12 on the weekend.

Yes we deliver on Sunday too.


Thank you for choosing a real florist shop, we try hard to deliver the freshest product, sourced locally wherever possible


*outer suburbs may be charged slightly higher to cover courier fee 

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